January 31, 2023




(a) Relevant utilities permits/approvals where required, including Sydney Water, Electricity Distributor, etc.

(b) Preparation of and submission of a dilapidation report to the Superintendents Representative in the form of a report and photographs of all site features, adjacent properties, shop entrances, etc. prior to the commencement of any work. This report must be provided prior to grant of site possession to Contractor.

(c) Protection and/or support of existing services and other Council assets including protection of adjacent areas to the Site as required.

(d) Suppression of dust during construction day and night.

(e) Ongoing maintenance of the work in terms of rectifying any hazards during the course of contract to practical completion.

(f) Onsite service investigations and checks.

(g) All other Preliminaries not included in this contract but are required, statutory or otherwise, for the execution of the Services.



Demolition Works

(i) Remove and disconnect existing light fittings, light switches and wiring

(ii) Remove and dispose of existing glass window, sliding door, roller shutter and frame, prepare opening for proposed infill wall, window and tiling

(iii) Remove and dispose of existing ceiling fan, alter existing electrical services to suit new light fitting

(iv) Remove and disconnect existing light fittings, light switches and wiring

(v) Remove and dispose of existing retaining wall portion to suit new raised platform

(vi) Cut, remove and dispose of patrial existing eternal concrete slab / concrete footpath, prepare ready for new raised platform and accessible ramp

(vii) Remove and dispose of all existing floor finish, make good prepare floor ready for new tiles ensure floor is free from cracks, dips, humps or holes

(viii) Make good existing walls free from cracks, dips, humps or holes, prepare ready for new wall tiles

Preparation works

(i) Hydraulic works in Proposed Unisex Accessible Toilet including sewer / drainage

(ii) Excavate and prepare for New Raised Concrete Platform outside the Proposed Unisex Accessible Toilet

(iii) Fill with compacted DGS20 as per section D of sheet 14 Rev A

Concrete Works

(i) Install formwork, reinforcement, and pour concrete for New Raised Concrete Platform to match new floor level in proposed Unisex Accessible Toilet as per section D of sheet 14 Rev A (ensure 2% fall)

(ii) Install formwork, reinforcement, and pour concrete for step ramp with 10% grade to connect to existing slab level to new Raised Concrete Paving level, Ramp maximum length is 1.90m

(iii) Construct new concrete paving slab to connect new step ramp and existing slab level

(iv) Supply and install tactiles as per sheet 14 Rev A and AS1428.1


(i) Proposed balustrade & handrail fixed to FFL. galvanized steel rails and posts Ø40. Powder coated finish. to be as per AS1428.1. style to match existing stage-1 building ramp.

(ii) Galvanized steel vertical bars Ø20 equally spaced apart (max 100mm). powder coted finish.

(iii) Proposed galvanized steel kerb rail to be provided in accordance with AS1428.1

(iv) Turn handrail through a total of 180 ° or return fully to end post or wall face.

Indoor Works

(i) Construct new infill solid brick wall at existing opening to match existing.

(ii) Prepare ready for Tiling toilet side and face Brick externally to match existing.”

(iii) Prepare, waterproof & lay new Floor tiles. Floor tiles to finish Flush with external concrete Slab. Floor to slope towards Appropriate floor waste.

(iv) Supply and install new S.S. floor waste. Fall to be 1 in 80 to 1 in 100. Charge to hand basin and connect to new services.

(v) Prepare and tile all internal walls from the FFL to underside of the ceiling.

(vi) Prepare & waterproof shower walls from FFL to 2100mm high X600 mm wide.

(vii) Prepare and paint existing ceiling.

(viii) Supply and install new security mesh screen and window.

(ix) Supply and install new accessible handbasin, lever tap, shelf, mirror, and soap dispenser in accordance with as1428.1. Connect to new services.

(x) Supply and install new solid core door lined externally with 16# zincalume metal sheeting, to have 30% colour contrast between door leaf and frame. Door to have clear opening of 900mm wide and to be installed in accordance with as 1428.1.

(xi) Supply and install shower set, folding seat, and soap holder in accordance with as1428.1. Shower recess fall to have a gradient between 1:60 to 1:80 in accordance with as1428.

(xii) Supply and install shower track and curtain in accordance with as1428.1.

(xiii) Supply and install new stainless-steel accessible WC suite, toilet paper dispenser, new backrest, and grab rails in accordance with as1428.1. Connect to existing services.

(xiv) Supply and install skirting of 1 floor tile high to be provided around the perimeter of all walls and floor intersections.


(a) Final internal and external clean;

(b) Site clean-up and reinstatement of any damaged surfaces;

(c) Handover of certificates, manuals and warranties.

(d) WAE by licenced / accredited surveyor

(e) Provide structural, electrical, hydraulic, waterproofing…etc certificates.


Hazmat removal.