From building a small emergency make safe job to complex renovations / alterations & even commercial fit outs, we can help with all your building needs whilst meeting government, council, Worksafe, client’s requirements & guidelines. Whether it’s hanging a door or a complete construction project, we can help you.

DBM takes pride in all works. Some of our smallest tasks have led to our largest projects. We treat all our clients with the highest level of respect and service. Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice, a free quote or to engage us on your next job.

DBM has full time Builders / Project Managers that have extensive knowledge in all areas of the trade. We have an outstanding track record and have completed all of our projects on time & on budget.

At DBM we make sure we provide our clients with all costs up front there is no surprises half way through the job, this is where our project managers years of onsite knowledge helps out as they have seen everything that could possibly go wrong so we can make our client aware of these issues and what to expect before we even set foot onsite.