January 31, 2023


Office Fitouts,

Description of Services

(1) Preliminaries

(a) Preparation of and submission of a dilapidation report to the Superintendents Representative in the form of a report and photographs of all site features prior to the commencement of any work. This report must be provided prior to grant of site possession to Contractor.

(b) Protection and/or support of existing services and other Council assets including hoardings and protection of adjacent areas to the Site as required.

(c) Suppression of dust during construction day and night.

(d) Ongoing maintenance of the work in terms of rectifying any hazards during the course of contract to practical completion.

(e) Onsite service investigations and checks.

(f) All other Preliminaries not included in this contract but are required, statutory or otherwise, for the execution of the Services.


(2) Construction (SP1 and SP2)

(a) Demolition, removal and disposal of all existing floor and wall tiles, ceiling grid and tiles, cupboards, sinks, toilet partitions and nominated fixtures and fittings.

(b) Supply and install new floor and wall tiles including all associated waterproofing works.

(c) Supply and installation of laminated cupboards, stone bench top, hand basins, mirrors, and compact laminate toilet partition cubicles.

(d) Supply and installation of bathroom fixtures and fittings including taps, toilet pans, urinals, hand dryer, soap & tissue dispensers and all associated plumbing and electrical works.

(e) Supply and installation of new ceiling grid and tiles including all associated structural works.

(f) Preparation and painting of walls and all other surfaces as nominated.

(g) Supply and installation of new signage.

(h) Carpet replacement.

(i) Refer to Schedule of rates, drawings, and specification documents for full scope of works.

(j) All noisy and disruptive works are to be undertaken outside normal office hours.


(3) Handover

(a) Final internal and external clean.

(b) Site clean-up and reinstatement of any damaged surfaces.

(c) Handover of certificates and manuals.