January 31, 2023


Office Fitouts,


Preliminaries including but not limited  to site fencing, hoarding, protection of all existing services and Council assets, signage, provision of all contractual pre-commencement items Рdilapidation report, site specific safety management systems and all other necessary requirements under preliminaries.

Demolition, removal and disposal of all existing redundant structures and fit-out items including but not limited to plasterboard walls, doors, ceiling tiles, carpet flooring and any other fit-off items.

Make good to all damaged surfaces to match existing finishes, termination of redundant services or re-routing of existing services to suit and all other general demolition / preparative works related to the construction of the project.

  • Construction of internal walls – steel stud framed walls and linings including all associated structural works.
  • Supply and installation of new aluminium framed glazed doors and door hardware D1.
  • Relocation of aluminium framed glazed doors D3 and D4.
  • Relocation of 2 doors in the server room.
  • Preparation and painting of walls, doors and other surfaces as nominated.
  • Relocation and installation of glazed automatic sliding door D2.
  • All associated electrical services.
  • Relocation and installation of 4 existing Siemens access card readers to new doors.
  • Supply and install new skirting where damaged to match existing.
  • Supply and install new power and data outlets where required.
  • Make good existing board room walls, prepare and paint.
  • Cleaning of all existing office walls and windows.
  • Repair / replace damaged ceiling tiles to match existing. Clean all existing ceiling tiles.
  • Supply and install all required illuminated directional signs and connect to existing electrical system.
  • Any other associated work related to the construction of the project.
  • Provisional items
  • Removal and disposal of existing carpet in lift lobby and newly constructed corridor area. Prepare floor and supply and install new carpet tiles.
  • Prepare and paint walls in the new corridor area.
  • Remove all existing lights in the common area and replace with new LED lights.